Pet Cremators SG

We Take Your Pet Cremation Seriously

A Loving Tribute To A Lifelong Friend And Family

Life is short and filled with uncertainties. Like humans, the special bond between us can never be measured. You are more than a pet, you are my family, my best friend, and my companion. The pain of losing you is devasting and undescribable and i only watch as you bid farewell with teary eyes. Till we meet again........   

Additional Services


Urn Storage

Urn storage service available


Special Ritual

Special ritual service available upon request.
May arrange for your religious needs.


Keepsake Pendant

Create a memorial keepsake pendant of your pet ash.

About Us

The process of your pets passing is painful, ​Pet Cremators will help you through the grieving process and to provide an honourable way to save your pet’s ashes. ​Our current services includes placing your pet's ashes into keepsake urns, seas scatter and craft moulding.



Save The Stray Cats And Dogs

Help the strays!
We sponsor good samaritans a huge portion of the cremation cost.

We are also known for being one of most affordable pet cremators in Singapore


Pet Cremation

The staffs at Pet Cremators are well trained and empathethic.

We are just a phone call away. We know its not easy having to deal with a loss of a family member, let us help you from here.

​Our services include collecting of your pet's body, sending it for cremation, professionally handling the remains and ashes to collecting in in our urn bottles.

​You can opt to bring the urn home or store it at our crematorium, if not choose to have it scattered in our monthly sea burial service.

​You can be reassured we will handle your pet remains with utmost care, respect and dignity. For, its the only thing left we can do for them til we meet again one day.​
Life can be short and filled with uncertainties. We never know when our time will come. It is not something pleasant to think about but we cannot avoid losing our beloved pet one day. And like all things precious, the bond we have with our cherished pets is unique. To most, they are like family. Hence, the death of a pet can be devastating. At Pet Cremator, we want to help relieve some of the stress of making important decisions during your time of grief.


Why cremate?

Cremation is a thermal process where the body is reduced to its basic mineral form or what commonly known as, ashes. It is also favored as an economical alternative to burial as it is environmentally friendly and cost effective. Remains in the form of ashes can be preserved and brought home or released into the sea.


Pet cremation offers peace of mind burial arrangement for your dear departed. Our empathetic staff are well-trained and devoted to help you deal with your loss. Losing a pet is difficult enough. The last thing you want to worry about is your pet’s body. We also provide home collection and delivery service for cremation, professionally handling the precious remains and ash and encapsulating them in their final resting place.


Be assured that your pet will be in good hands and handled with utmost care, respect and dignity. They may be gone but shall forever remain in our hearts.


You can opt to bring the urn home or store it in our columbarium where otherwise, you can choose to have them scattered in our monthly sea burial service. Either way, you will be comforted that your pet’s remains is securely taken care of.


We love strays too and want to help!


Stray will not be neglected and we offer significant sponsorship towards cremation cost so good Samaritans are welcomed to contact us to handle deceased strays. All animal matters and deserve an honorable resting place.


At Pet Cremator SG, we recognize the pain of losing a loved one and we are committed to provide a fuss-free pet bereavement service to help you give a fitting final farewell to your furry pal.

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