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Pet Cremators is family owned and operated.
We are committed to providing exceptional services and compassion in your time of need. ​Over the years we have lost hamsters, rabbits, cats and dogs.  All of these animals were precious to our family.  I know my family and I have had the piece of mind and a sense of closure when our pets passed away and were brought to a proper cremation. We decided to create a special place with exceptional caring attention. We offer a safe, quiet and peaceful space for your goodbyes.

The process of your pets passing is painful.
​Pet Cremators will help you through the grieving process and to provide an honourable way to save your pet’s ashes. ​Our current services includes placing your pet's ashes into keepsake urns, seas scatter and craft moulding.
​We are a phone call away



To support sincere pet lovers


To educate the public that a pet is like a family member. Alive or dead, they should always be handled with utmost love and care. We believe a pet should go through a proper cremation service instead of being disposed


Your professional pet cremation service provider

We aim to educate the public on proper cremation services for animals instead of disposing them. Alive or dead, it is our responsibility to be there and do our best. Pet Cremators aim to sponsor a huge portion of cremation for all animals who are adopted! #AdoptDontShop #HelpTheStrays #CremateNotDispose

​Its our way of loving animals

When a family or pet owner loses a pet, the question of how what to do with the animal body can be an upsetting one and the last thing a grieving owner wants to worry about. Our life long experience with animals has lead us to put our money and energy into where the heart is; working with pets, including providing full serviced afterlife care.


Animals have been and will always be a significant part of my life, providing warm comfort and meaningful companionship. They have taught me valuable lessons on loyalty, faithfulness and unconditional love. Because of this, I want to give back to my pets for the wonderful impact they have made in my life.


Pet Cremators SG and team exist because of our love, passion and commitment to all animals. Be it owned or stray.

The company is family owned and operated, located in Seletar Farmway. We love and are knowledgeable about the animals we handle.  Our pet cremation services are conducted in well-maintained compound by  genuine, caring and compassionate professionals who are passionate about pets and customer service.

We are familiar with the pain of eternal separation because we are pet owners ourselves too. Our dedication is to provide premium care to your pet for your peace of mind that comes from knowing your final farewell to your adored pet is filled with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Let us help you in this final deed of endearment to your loved one. We provide pet funeral and pet cremation professionally and empathically to support you in going through this difficult time of grief and help ease the stress of afterlife management for your pet. We are here for both your pet and you.

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