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Animal Cremation

With real estate being premium in Singapore, animal lovers have no option of burying their pets hence animal cremation become a clear popular choice. Cremation also afford flexibility over your pet’s final resting place. Favored over the otherwise conventional disposal of the remains, cremation presents a clean, sanitary and respectful way of handling the deceased pet. The economical cost also allows pet owners to manage their pet’s aftercare responsibly and poses no adverse risk to the environment. Pet cremation also makes it possible for the pet parent to bring home a part of their pet with them or converted into memorable keepsakes.

During cremation, your beloved pet will be placed in the incinerator chamber where it will be heated up to convert the body into ashes and fragments. The remains will then be reduced to fine grey ash which will be housed in a capsule or an urn of your choice. You can choose to bring it home with you or arrange to have it scattered into the sea.

It is important that you choose an ethical cremation provider to handle your pet. Our professional team are dedicated animal lovers who hold high standard of operation and code of ethics. We hold each pet cremation to heart and want nothing but the most dignified way to send off your beloved furry friend on its final journey.

Pet Cremation Services

There are three basic types of cremation available; private, individual and communal. You may choose one that makes most sense to your preference.