Cat Urns

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Putting your cat to rest is never an easy task, especially when it holds a very special place in your heart. If scattering ashes into the sea is not what you want for your beloved cat, you can instead keep the ashes in a beautiful memorial keepsake urn. A cat urn can be a momentous way of retaining special memories and cremains of your cat. We feature a generous selection of urns for you to choose from and we recognize that each pet is extraordinary in its own way. There will be a special urn for every cat there is.

How do I choose an urn for my cat ?

Firs thing first, you will need to establish the size of the urn needed. The general rule in determining the appropriate size would be one cubic inch for each pound of weight your pet has. A good measure would be adding 10 to 15 cubic inches to the total weight of your cat. Let’s say if your cat is about 20 pounds, then the recommended size would be one that is 30 to 35 cubic inches. Don’t worry if your urn is bigger than required, it’s all right to have extra space.

Can I customized the urn?

Certainly. We understand that you may want to memorialize your beloved companion through personalization so we offer name engraving, sentiment engraving or any lines that can fit on your pet’s urn. Both selection of our wooden and ceramic urns gives you not only the choice of engraving but also attaching a favorite photo of your pet to the urn as well. Your pet’s urn will be uniquely no other’s but theirs. Personalization is a beautiful way of celebrating and also a source of comforting reminder of how remarkable your cat had been in your life.