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Dog Cremation Service

You might wish to have the most professional dog cremation services when it come to send off your pet dog.

Pet Cremator SG offers three types of pet cremation service for all animals but you may personalize it as you wish to fit your pet. We offer private cremation, individual cremation and communal cremation. The cost of the cremation will depend on the body weight of your dog as well as your personal cremation preference for your pet.


Private Cremation

Here, your dog will be carefully placed in a cremation chamber of its own and incinerated alone. Undoubtedly, you can be sure that the cremains will be that of your pet only.

Individual Cremation

If you prefer your dog to be cremated individually but together with other beloved pet, then Individual Cremation is the way to go. Our facility will partition all pets mindfully before they are all cremated together. The blending of ashes in the air will be inescapable and if this is okay for you, individual cremation is comforting way to send off your pet together with other beloved ones.


Communal Cremation

This option is for pet owners who do not wish to bring home the ashes with them. Here all beloved pets will be cremated together at one time. Your pet will be in the company of other beloved pets and all cremation, regardless of types, will be expertly and compassionately handled by our team. This is also the most economical option of the three if you would like to have some extra savings reserved for a memorial service or a keepsake to bring home.