Pet Cremation Services

We are just a phone call away.. We know its not easy having to deal with ​ a loss of a family member, ​ let us help you from here.


Pick Up Service

Give us a call. Our professional staff will come to you and pick up your pet's body. We will place it in a wooden box, covered with white cloth and flowers and cremate it at the next available time slot


Photo And Video Service

Keepsake video services of your pet is available, check with our friendly staffs to
find our more.


Pet Cremation Service

Our Machines are of medical grade with ISO certifications. You Can be reassured we will handle your pet's body with utmost care, respect and the dignity they deserve.


Urn Selection

Owners can opt to use our complimentary urn or customise an urn design. Ashes of your pet will be stored inside, ready for collection. Feel free to speak to us for a selection of designs,


Urn Storage

Owners can opt to bring pet's ashes home or choose to have it stored in our crematorium with other pets. Please speak to our staff for available options.


Sea Scattering

For owners who believe in setting their animals free, we have a sea scatter burial service every month. Pet Cremators charter our own boat and does scattering of animal ash. Please speak to our staff for arrangements if you wish to do so.

Our crematorium comes with medical grade incinerator to give your beloved pet a dignified and honorable send off. Our cremation facility also offers private cremation where one pet is incinerated at a time. Otherwise, pet owners can choose individual cremation or a communal session.

The cost of cremation depends on what type of cremation you choose for your pet, your pet’s weight etc.

Private Cremation

If you would like your cherished pet to have its own individual cremation, a private cremation will see that your pet be placed in a separated clean chamber to be cremated alone. The ashes will be entirely its own for you to take.

Individual Cremation

The individual cremation offers a more economic option where your pet can still have a separated cremation where more than one pet is cremated at the same time.  There will be dividers with the pets being kept a considerate distance apart from each other. Co-mingling of ashes could be inevitable.

Communal Cremation

If you don’t want your pet to be cremated alone then a communal cremation allows it to be cremated together with other beloved pets. You may want to choose this option if you do not need the ashes. It remains our top priority that all types of cremations receive the same care, respect and professionalism from our crematorium.

Memorials and Keepsakes

Cremations provide the special opportunity to pet owners to take home a part of their adored pet with them. The ashes or cremains can be stored in an urn that you can personalize or made into jewelry you can wear. Feel free to check out the special selection we have in store for you.