Personalized Dog Urns

Your precious dog was your companion, loved one, so it is only befitting that it receives a special memorial. What is a better way than a personalized dog urn to make it personal and unique, just like your precious dog!

We can customize an urn design to your specifications or suggest patterns that matches what you have in mind. Take a browse through our gorgeous selection of wooden and ceramic urns. You will find something that resonates with your memory of your dog. Depending on what urn that you have chosen, you can further add special features on it like engraving or photo placement. Engraving gives you the option of adding personal lines dedicated to your pet as well as tributes of love as desired. Feel free to choose from our library of momentous quotes and poems for inspiration. Take your pick whether you want them in script or block letters.
Whether it is a beautiful wooden urn or an understated ceramic vessel, you don’t have to worry about filling up the entire space. Just let us know what you want for your dear pet. Our talented artist will gladly work with your request and produce a beautiful outcome for you and your special pet.
In addition to your own custom text, you can also allocate a photo placement on the urn where it fits. It adds a great personal touch to your pet’s urn and will warm your heart to see a favorite photo of your pet, knowing that it is well taken care of in its own designated sanctuary that you have prepared for it with much love and respect.

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