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Losing a pet is an emotional time. Animal keepsake jewelry is a marvelous way of retaining a part of your pet’s ashes and immortalize it in precious pieces. They also make thoughtful sympathy gift to provide comfort for years to come. Our line of pet jewelry enables pet parents to keep their dear departed close to them in beautiful and practical manner. Many chose such keepsakes for this very reason. If the family requires it, the pet jewelry can also be produced in multiples for the whole family to wear or carry, keeping the love for their pet closely attached to their day-to-day life.

Can jewelry be made out of pet’s ashes?

Yes. The jewelry can be customized to either hold an appreciable amount of cremains or even precious lock of fur, whichever you prefer. The ashes are either added to the pieces or infused into them, making sure that you will always have a part of your beloved pet with you.

What kind of jewelry can be made out of cremains?

You can browse through our specially curated line of cremation jewelry ranging from pure silver pendants and lockets for keychains or necklaces to Pandora beads.

Pure silver pendant

Our pure silver pendants come in two pleasing designs and can be switched into keychain or necklace. They will hold either cremains or lock of fur with a variety of colors for you to pick from.

Rose gold locket

You can hold this beautiful rose gold locket as a keychain or be worn as necklace. Like the pure silver pendant, ashes and fur can be added to the pieces to make unique personalized memento of your cherished pet.

Pandora beads

Those are cremation beads where your pet’s fur will be added to create beautiful additions to your favorite bracelets. Not only they will look good but they will feel good as well to be worn and carried with you whenever you go.

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