Pet Cremation Urns

After the cremation, you will have the option whether to bring back the ashes of your pet home with you, give it a beautiful home alongside the others in our pet columbarium or a send-off in the sea. Whatever your decision may be, choosing an urn is important to ensure that it fits both you and your pet’s needs be the material desired, size required as well as personalized options.
While choosing an urn is a personal decision, you would want one that is symbolic of your pet’s personality as well as a functional vessel. It should be a source of peace and comfort in helping you to move on in loving memory of your loved one. It should also be able to hold your pet restfully. The size of your pet will determine the size of a suitable urn. A deserving urn allows pet owners to keep their beloved pet closer to them while giving the ashes a beautiful safe housing vessel. It provides a meaningful way to remember a special pet by for years to come.
Your pet’s urn can be made of :
- Wooden urns lets your free-spirited pet remain as close to nature as it can be. It will be as unique and one and only as your pet as it reflects the natural beauty of wood and no two natural grains are the same. Choose from our fine selection of different wood finishes and you may personalize it as you please. The urn will feature an option of direct engraving or engraving on an attaching plaque.
- The ceramic is one of the most cherished material in the world. Beautiful and smooth, ceramic offers a quiet elegance to your pet’s forever house.
Scatter Urn
- If you opt for a water burial, then a scatter urn is what you need. The ashes would be secured carried in a scatter urn until it is time to release the ashes into the sea. They are specially designed to hold ashes and made to open easily to scatter the cremains.