Pet Funeral

Pet funeral offers closure by conducting a ceremony to honor and cherish a deceased furry friend. It can be as elaborated as you wish or as simple as required. There’s no hard and fast rule on how to carry it out and it is up to you to decide how you want it to be for your cherished one.

Pre-planning is encouraged as with any funerals and we would like to help you ensure that you get to send off your pet befittingly and hassle-free. As a pet cremation services provider, can help you to come up with the best package for your needs and expectations. This will also help you to alleviate further emotional stress during your time of grief.

For a meaningful event as such, you might want to make a guest list of those who are significant to you and your pet as well to witness and be part of the ceremony at a date and time of your choice. You may also opt for a private ceremony just for the two of you. Whatever your choice may be, we will arrange to make it as comforting as possible for both in accordance to your exact wishes.

We encourage pet parent to consider pet funerals as this can be a cathartic process to help with the grief and loss. The memorial service could provide the opportunity to further express your love and feelings for your pet. Take it as a closing goodbye for their final journey.

Talk to us about bespoke memorial and funeral services for your loved one. A befitting funeral arrangement can ensure that your departed pet get a loving farewell and also for the pet owner to be able to gain appropriate closure to move on.

Pet Cremators Sg is a pet cremation company in Singapore. We provide pick-up and funeral services to your pet as well as pet columbarium.