Pet Memorial Services

A memorial will not only benefit a grieving owner by providing closure for their loss but also presents a beautiful way to send off a dear one. You can dedicate it in remembering and cherishing the meaningful impact your pet has made in your life. Goodbyes can be painful but farewell can be healing and allow bereaved owners to make peace with the loss and try to move on.

Bespoke Memorial and Funeral Services
Pet Cremator SG is a one-stop pet cremation and afterlife services. We do full serviced bespoke memorial and funeral service that caters how you want the sending-off ceremony to be executed. Just talk to us about what you have mind for your precious pet and we will make it happen for you.
Religious rites
We respect different faiths and would be most happy to accommodate your choice of faith and perform religious rites according to your exact instructions. Be it a Christian ceremony or a Buddhist one, you can have a peace of mind that your beloved pet will be respectfully honored and revered in its last leg of departure.

Cremation Keepsakes
Your cremated pet will leave behind ashes for you to take with you. You might want to consider our line of cremation keepsakes to make use of the ashes to memorialize your pet in its eternal rest. You might want a personalized urn to hold the precious ashes to keep at home or in our beautiful columbarium. We also specialize in cremation jewelry that will enable you to add a small amount of your pet’s ashes into them and you can forever wear them close to you.

Our columbaria is sweet home to many departed pets where loving owners want to ensure that their pets are held in a safe and beautiful environment. We offer niches to house urns and mementos of your beloved pet where you can visit and pay homage to your cherished one in your own time.

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