Private Cremation for Dogs

A man’s best friend surely deserves nothing but the best care and service, even in their afterlife. For time immortal, dogs have always been portrayed as a loyal companion and one of the most loving animal known to man. Some of our furry pet will live beyond their average lifespan but most don’t. So when their time has come, it will sure leave an indelible mark in the heart of people who love them very much.


When it comes to pet cremation, some owners choose to give their beloved dog a private cremation instead of a shared one with other pets. There may be personal reasons but many also favor private cremation for its offer of total exclusivity and only your dog will be placed in a special clean chamber on its own and be cremated individually. Owners can also be assured that the ashes received will also be solely their pet’s. Private cremation also eliminates any contamination or confusion between pet’s ashes since only one animal is cremated at one time. The remains after the cremation would belong to your beloved pet only and no other pet’s.


You may bring home your pet’s cremains in an urn of your choice or house it in our beautiful columbarium. Why not choose from our exquisite collection of beautiful keepsakes to add your cherished pet’s cremains into pieces you can use and wear in your everyday life? The keepsakes also offer comforting reminders of the dear departed who are gone but never forgotten.