Pet Columbarium

The demise of a beloved pet is what unbearable but at the same time, inevitable. Many try to find solace in retaining a part of their pet where they can still visit and show love to.


A pet columbarium is a special set up to memorialize your pet by storing cremated pet ashes in an urn and placed in individual niches. We built our niches to be the see-through type for owners to look at and gain access to their pet’s urn. It’ll be a space of comfort for both you and your dear departed pet that it will be in perpetual care.


Why pet columbarium?

Our columbaria is exclusively constructed above-ground to house cremains of beloved pets as well as a venue for pet owners to visit their pets. The columbarium is thoroughly maintained and immaculately kept to creating a peaceful resting place for your precious pet. Your pet will also be in the company of other departed pets so it will never be lonely.


Where will the urn be stored?

Your pet will be placed in a see-through niche where you can place fresh flowers as well as thoughtful mementos alongside the urn, depending on the space you have selected for your pet.


What is the size of the niche?

You may own a size of your choice from the measurements available, depending on preference and need for your pet. Larger space will enable you to include favorite items of your pet to be placed together with the urn or anything that you want to keep together with the precious urn.


About Us

We are a pet cremation company in Singapore. We provide 1 stop services for your pet when it is departed from this world. Our services include pick-up, pet funeral, pet cremation, and also provide pet ash keepsakes.

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