Cat Cremation

Felines are popularly adopted as pets as they require less effort to care for compared to other animals and their purrs naturally calm your nerves. Cats provide great companionship as well as helping to keep the house rodent-free. All in all, this makes them well-loved and you can find them almost in all quarters of the world. So when you lose your beloved feline friend, we empathize with your bereavement and are here to help you through this distressing time.

Why should I cremate my cat?

Pet cremation is cost effective, environmentally-friendly and gives great comfort by providing ashes for you to take home if you want. There are many options for you on what you can do with the ashes.

How can I cremate my cat?

There are three types of feline cremations services ; private, individual and communal. Whatever your choice is, there is no right or wrong. Just whatever you want for your cat.

What can I do with the ashes or cremains of my cat?

The cremains can be respectfully handled by our crematorium should you opt not to take it with you. Otherwise, you can have them lovingly stored in a special urn and bring it home with you. We also have a beautiful columbarium to give you the choice of housing the cremains in the company of other dearly departed pets. Water burial is also another option for you release the ashes into the sea.

We have curated a thoughtful selection of memorials and keepsakes as touching reminder of your loved one. With them, you will be able to keep part of your pet closer to you in your day-to-day life. You are most welcome to personalize the keepsakes to make it as unique as your pet and bring home comforting mementos to help you move on positively.