Pet Cremation Keepsakes

A cremated pet maybe gone but not forgotten. Pet cremation keepsakes can come in many forms but most people prefer an urn which can be kept at home or in a columbarium, cremation jewelry they can wear or keepsake that can be easily carried around. To help decide what kind of memorial you might want to go for, there are several factors you will need to first consider; what are your pet’s final arrangement where would you want to keep it and if you would want it to be customized.


May pet owners chose pet cremation service they passed on, as such owner will have the option if they would like to keep the ashes. If you have your pet’s ashes, one of the things you can do with it is to house it in a pet urn. Size is important to ensure that it can comfortably hold the cremains as well as accommodate any customization that you might have in mind, for example creating ample space and area for engraving loving messages on the urn or photo placement of your pet (eg: personalised dog urn). If this is what you want for your pet, our team would be most happy to assist in helping you to choose an appropriate urn size.


Another cremation solution would be pet ashes to gems. You can thoughtfully have small amount of your pet’s ashes infused in beautiful keepsake memorial pieces and wear them close to you. Precious lock of fur can also be stored in these pieces to memorialize your pet. Choose from our considerate selection of exquisite keychains, pendants, necklaces and bracelets. We use only quality material and craft them conscientiously to honor your pet and create wonderful comfort for you.