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Animal Cremation Service

Cremating your pet is a responsible and dignified way of sending off a dear departed. Not only it is clean and hygienic, it is also comforting to know that the body is handled in a most respected manner. At Pet Cremator SG, we endeavor to honor a loved one in highest regard and pay homage to well-loved pet by offering it the best afterlife care. We are also here to support and comfort bereaved owners in arranging funeral matters as well as helping them to move on purposefully.

Our pet cremation services provides few packages, one you are ready you may opt for one of the three full serviced funeral arrangement we provide. Choose according to what feels right for you and your pet. Whatever your decision may be, what is most important is that your dear pet gets a befitting farewell towards its final resting place.

Our state of art crematorium is meticulously maintained and ethically operated to ensure all pets receive exceptional care and handling. All cremation options allow you to take your pet’s remains home for keepsake or scattering except for Communal Cremation. Your decision will depend on whether you want to take the ashes with you.

If you prefer only your pet be incinerated at one time, a Private Cremation will take care of that. Your dear pet will be placed in a separate chamber and cremated exclusively. The ashes will be solely your pet’s remains. You may take the cremains back with you if you wish, either to bring it home or have it placed among other beloved pet cremains in our beautiful columbarium. You can also opt for a water burial to have it scattered into the sea water.

Another option is to cremate your pet individually with other pets. The Individual Cremation ensures that all pets are kept at a respectful distance from one another through portioning and cremated at the same time. Please note that co-mingling of ashes cannot be avoided and if you are fine with this, then this option would be a good way to handle your pet’s body if cost is of consideration.

Communal Cremation allows mass cremation, or multiple animals to be cremated together at one time. The ashes will not be returned but instead will be ethically handled by our cremation facility.

We hold bespoke memorials and offer personalized keepsakes for you to bring home a part of your pet with you. This will enable you to keep them at home with you or in our columbarium. You can also keep a part of your beloved pet close to you by wearing them as jewelry. You would want to take one or two home with you after checking out our keepsakes and pet cremation jewelry menu.